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where did the umbrella originated?

1. Umbrellas were not originally used to cover the rain.

When it comes to umbrellas, the first thing most people think of is sheltering from the rain, right? The original use of the umbrella was sunshade! The English name of umbrella is derived from the Latin umbrella which means shadow. However, after the introduction of this term into English, the meaning of the word has also changed along with the purpose of the umbrella.

In modern times, umbrellas with waterproof function are called umbrellas, and umbrellas commonly found on the beach are called parasols.

2. The umbrella was first invented in China.

According to historical records, the prototype of the first umbrella in history was invented by ancient Chinese in the 11th century. Umbrellas at that time were only used by kings and nobles, and were mostly made of silk. With the opening of the Silk Road, umbrellas spread to Japan, South Korea, Asia, and Europe, and began to prevail in the Roman Empire.

By the way, China is also the country that produces the most umbrellas in the world. But about 30% of umbrellas in China are made in Songxia Town.

3. Umbrellas used to be accessories exclusively for women.

Until the middle of the eighteenth century, umbrellas had always been women’s accessories. In the eyes of ancient Greeks and Romans, umbrella holding was a feminine behavior, and only men with feminine temperament would join the ranks of women holding umbrellas.

The first man in history to use an umbrella came from the rainy Britain. In 1750, London businessman Jonas Hanway began to hold umbrellas in public in spite of the strange eyes of society. Although many people were shocked by his behavior,  he also accidentally broke the conservative convention of not holding umbrellas for men, making umbrellas become a universal and genderless accessory nowadays.

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