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What is pongee fabric?

When you want to pick a durable umbrella, the choice of umbrella fabric is always matters. Good quality fabric could shelter you well from rain and sun. While you choose the fabric wrong, it probably will get you wet and ruin your mood on dull rainy days.

Pongee, as one of the best and welcome fabrics, plays a role in the umbrella industry. Today we would like to introduce this fabric to you in this article.

What is Pongee fabric?

The full name of pongee is polyester pongee. It is the name of a type of fabric that belongs to the category of polyester.

The color of Pongee fabric is more matte/dark compared to polyester fabric. Pongee fabric is widely used in the umbrella industry because of its superior quality. It feels a bit like cotton when you touch it, plus it’s soft, durable, environmentally friendly and dries quickly. Although the price is relatively expensive, but it always a better choice if you are in the need of durable umbrellas.

Another advantage of pongee fabric is that it is easy to print. Whether you are using digital printing, heat transfer or screen printing, the final printed outcome is always exactly as it appears in the original file. Hence, pongee fabric could be your first choice when you want to make some branded umbrellas.

Some Features of Pongee fabric

  1. Abrasion-resistant and durable.
  2. Soft and silky
  3. Waterproof and easy to dry.
  4. Easy to print and easy to clean.
  5. Colors fading resistant
  6. Eco-friendly and Recyclable.


Pongee is a perfect fabric for creating high-grade umbrellas since it has desirable features of resistance to breaking and waterproofing. If you are looking for buying an umbrella that could last for years, choose pongee, it won’t disappoint you on rainy days.

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